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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our top priority is you, and everything you require to run a successful trucking business. If we can’t find the right load for you, cancel anytime. No contracts!

Our Services

Best Rate Negotiation
Dedicated Dispatcher
Carrier / Broker Set-ups
Broker Credit Checks
E-Sign Documents
24/7 Dispatch Support
Market Trend Analysis
Trip Planning & Booking Nationwide
Collection Assistance
Invoicing & Paperwork
Business Management
Factoring Assistance
Driver Retention Support
No Forced Dispatching
No Contracts
  • Best Rate Negotiation

    Not only do we secure high paying loads, we negotiate our rate into the gross rate so we don’t take money from you. 

  • Business Management

    We offer a hands on Business Management and Consulting service to Carriers eliminating financial obstacles, growing revenue, and maintaining a profitable trucking business.

  • Invoicing & Paperwork

    Let us do the paperwork work for you and take care of EVERYTHING on the back end while you focus on the road and tend to your trucks. Teamwork makes the dream work!

  • Dedicated Dispatcher

    We’re dedicated to building the right relationships with the right carriers. 

  • Carrier Broker Set Ups

    We do the set ups for you while building the network. 

  • Broker Credit Checks

    We only work with the best. 

  • Market Tend Analysis

    We complete intensive market research to locate the most profitable loads across the nation. 

  • Collection & Factoring Assistance

    Having trouble getting paid? We can help!

  • Trip Planning & Booking

    Not all high paying loads are profitable. Strategic trip planning is key to running a profitable trucking business.

  • No Contracts

    Cancel Anytime

  • Driver Retention Support

    Are you having trouble with your drivers? We can help!

  • No Forced Dispatching

    Tell us your preferences and we’ll show you where the profits are. 

    • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

      At Powertrain Freight Solutions we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service to our clients. We help new carriers grow and keep established carriers profitable moving freight across the country. 

      100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
    • 24x7 Emergency Dispatch

      Did your load shift? Did your truck break down? Whatever the case, emergencies happen! That’s why we’re prepared to help you 24/7.

      24x7 Emergency Dispatch
      Powertrain dispatch

      Accessing High Paying Loads Has Never Been This Easy!

      Here at Powertrain Freight Solutions we leverage state of the art technology to analyze the spot market in real time. This allows us to locate and negotiate the most profitable freight to transport while providing excellent customer service to our clients. We provide services ranging from dispatching, full service business management, 24/7 support, and much more to meet your needs.

      Hey, I'm

      Anthony Emerson

      I was first introduced to the trucking industry in 2010 as a receiver of a large retailer, however I didn’t pay much attention to the key players in the supply chain until 2020. That was when I recognized that my experience could assist and solve many of the issues that arise within the industry today.

      Within my 10+ years, I gained first hand experience working directly with carriers, shippers, and brokers dealing with the challenges logistics delivers every day. Untimely deliveries, lack of communication, and shifted loads just to name a few. Curiosity, determination, and studying each role in the supply chain ultimately led to the formation of Powertrain Freight Solutions, LLC.

      When I founded PFS I wanted more than just dispatching. I aspired to work for Owner Operators, Fleet Owners, Shippers, and Brokers as a Freight Solutions Specialist. My goal is to provide added value to those we work with which is why I founded this company on three principles: integrity; profitability; and solutions.

      We Partner With

      Owner Operators
      Fleet Owners

      Equipment Types

      Flat Bed / Step Decks
      Dry Van

      At Powertrain Freight Solutions we believe in creating lasting partnerships with those we work with. We take pride in our proficient work flow coupled with our effective communication.  We’re simply happy to help you win on the roads while we take care of EVERYTHING on the back end. 

      Please get in touch for details about the services we provide or to learn more about the company. 


      Our Address:

      9630 West Flamingo Rd.
      Suite 110 #181
      Las Vegas NV 89147

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